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White Neoprene

White neoprene foam strips, die cuts, and long-length spools are available, but only through Pres-On directly. This product line carries a higher than normal minimum order quantity. Minimums on 3/16" thick would start at 172,800 square inches, or 288 rolls of 1" x 50' feet. Minimums on 1/4" thick will start at 129,600 square inches, or 216 rolls of 1" x 50' feet. If you are interested in white neoprene foam strips or white epdm foam die cuts, please contact directly. 

Pres-On's white neoprene epdm sbr rolls can be custom quoted with rubber, acrylic, or removable adhesive. We also offer white neoprene with no adhesive backing. 

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