1/2" Thick Vinyl Nitrile Foam Strip, 3/4" Width x 25' Length, Acrylic Adhesive

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Pres-On P8600 Series Vinyl Nitrile Foam Tapes’ uniform, closed cell structure resists the absorption of water and other fluids. Its high-performance, permanent acrylic adhesive bond is ideal for sealing, gasketing, weatherproofing, thermal insulating, absorbing shock, and dampening vibration.

  • Composed of a vinyl nitrile closed cell foam blend
  • Resists moisture, fire, and chemicals
  • Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive exhibits high initial grab
  • Provides a long lasting, permanent bond
  • Uniform cell structure lends dimensional stability

P8600 Series Vinyl Nitrile Foam Tapes are widely utilized for roof curb sealing, pipe wrapping, filter gasketing, and a variety of other demanding HVAC applications.

  • Roof Curb
  • Air Filters
  • Shock Absorption
  • Vibration / Noise Dampening
  • Pipe Wrap
  • Thermal Shielding

Application Notes

Ensure bonding surfaces are well unified, clean, dry and free of dirt and oils. Apply firm and even pressure to improve adhesive-to-surface contact. Allow proper temperature and time to enhance bond strength as adhesive flows onto the surface.