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Pres-Bond 1" Thick Foam Strips

Pres-Bond's 1" thick foam tapes have been in high demand for the last several weeks, we are working hard to keep stock and turn shipments in our normal 1-business day commitment still but if you want to check before placing an order, you can always email us at

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Pres-Bond has mainly been in connection with  companies that own and operate 3-D printers. Those printers use the publicly available drawing(s) of the plastic face shields and one component that is used in the manufacturing of those shields is Pres-Bond foam tape - usually 1" thick but could be 1/2" to 1.5". 

We understand the urgent need to get these products to you for testing trials before manufacturing at scale. 

To help you navigate our website, below is our current product offering of 1" thick materials. Click the links and you will be brought directly to the area to purchase.

Looking for 1" Thick x 1" Wide x 9" Length pre-cuts? 

1" Thick Neoprene x 1" Width

1" Thick Neoprene Vinyl Blend x 1" Width

1" Thick Vinyl x 1" Width

1" Thick Neoprene x 3/4" Width

1" Thick Neoprene x 1.50" Width

1" Thick Neoprene x 2" Width

1" Thick Neoprene x 3" Width

1" Thick Polyurethane x 3" Width

Pres-Bond has several other products and thicknesses that could be used for this application, you can try typing in some of the nomenclature below into the search bar to better sort and navigate!

P8275 - Neoprene 3/4" thick

P8175UL - Neoprene 3/4" thick

P8250 - Neoprene 1/2" thick

P8150UL - Neoprene 1/2" thick

P8550 - Polyester urethane 1/2" thick

P8575 - Polyester urethane 3/4" thick

P8650 - Vinyl Nitrile 1/2" thick


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