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The Boundless Applications Of Pres-On Neoprene

Today’s most popular foam tape and gasket materials.

In general, foam tapes and gaskets provide excellent bonding and barrier properties. However, proper selection is typically application driven, therefore, understanding some of the unique properties of the most frequently used carrier materials can help ensure installation success.

Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend with Acrylic or Rubber Adhesive

Caulk is no match for the easy installation and conform-ability of neoprene, especially on irregular surfaces! Neoprene’s closed cell structure creates a tight, long-lasting seal against the weather, moisture, dust, temperature extremes, and air leaks. It also resists acids, ozone, oxidation, and alkali.

• HVAC Applications – seals roof curbs to A/C units and damper gaskets.

• RV/Marine Applications – seals electrical or fluid inlets and outlets; prevents the leakage of liquid and odor from live wells; and adds protective cushioning between the strap and gas tank to reduce vibration and noise.

• Interior and Exterior Lighting Applications – flammability rated for use with indoor and outdoor fixtures.

• Window and Door Applications – weather stripping and door gasketing.

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