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Construction Products


Roof Curbs, Weatherproofing Windows and Doors, Pipe Wraps

Building Structures
Wall Studs, Flooring Joists, Ceiling Joists; Metal Framing and Thermal Shielding

Internal Offices
Wall Partitions

Clean Rooms
Drop Ceiling Gasketing

Wall Assembly

Building Maintenance
Signage, Exterior and Interior Lighting

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Anchoring  Solve the most difficult mounting and gasketing issues, such as irregular or hard-to-stick surfaces with specially formulated adhesive solutions. An advanced, proprietary wet-coating process applies adhesive to carrier materials, resulting in products that provide superior bonding properties at a cost-effective price. Depending on the material’s porosity, we can layer on additional adhesive to form permanent bonds.

Sealing  Protect against the elements and environment with gaskets and tapes that seal out water, dust, dirt, and air.

Soundproofing  Government regulations and growing awareness about the harmful effects of noise pollution are increasing demand for soundproofing in all types of construction projects. Our products reduce noise and sound transfer in walls, ceilings, floors and more.

Green Building  Market research indicates about one-quarter (26%) of contractors find that building owners frequently request the use of energy-efficient products and materials, and 30% of contractors report that they actively seek out energy efficient products and materials for projects. Meet sustainability requirements with weatherstripping and sealing tapes that create a tight building envelope for greater energy efficiency.

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