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Pres-Bond Separator Pads Protect Glass During Shipping

Pres-Bond Separator Pads Protect Glass During Shipping

Simple, Inexpensive Stick-on Pads Prevent Costly Damage to Windows, Doors, Mirrors, Also Safeguards Employees During Handling

When the job calls for the safe handling of fragile glass, windows, doors, and mirrors, Pres-Bond separator pads offer superior protection to employees and products.

Supplied in die cut sheets or on rolls, the pads are available in various thicknesses, materials and sizes. Non-adhesive pads are self-sticking and will not leave adhesive residue on glass or metal, while the adhesive backed pads are non-marring and are easily removed.

Used in the transporting, packing, storage and installation of finished and unfinished glass and easily scratched metal products. Pres-Bond separator pads are set between the glass pieces to absorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage. Also, they are excellent for protecting aluminum window frames during transport.

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