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White Neoprene Foam Tape

White Neoprene Tape is an excellent choice for industrial applications, due to its durability and abrasion resistance. It can be used in the construction of gaskets and seals, as well as for cushioning and dampening purposes. In addition, white neoprene tape can be used for low pressure fluid containment and insulation. Its ability to maintain its flexibility at very low temperatures makes it a great choice for applications where a reliable seal is needed. White neoprene tape is also easy to customize, allowing it to be cut, shaped, or adhered to solid surfaces as needed.

white neoprene tape

The tape is also available in various widths, thicknesses, and lengths, making it a great choice for various industrial applications. For example, it is often used to create airtight seals around window frames, pipe connections, and doorframes. Additionally, its thickness makes it an ideal choice for cushioning objects to prevent damage during transportation.

1/16 thick white neoprene foam tape

Shore 00 white neoprene tape is an excellent choice for industrial applications due to its superior adhesion, flexibility, and temperature resistance. It is also environmentally friendly, non-yellowing, and available in various widths, thicknesses, and lengths. It can be used to secure and fasten components, provide cushioning, protect surfaces, insulate electrical wires, and create airtight seals around windows, pipes, and doorframes.

white neoprene foam tape for enclosure box

White neoprene foam strips, die cuts, and long-length spools are available, but only through Pres-On directly. If you are interested in white neoprene foam strips or white epdm foam die cuts, please contact directly or you can fill out the contact form by clicking this link

Pres-On's white neoprene epdm sbr rolls can be custom quoted with rubber, acrylic, or removable adhesive. We also offer white neoprene with no adhesive backing.