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Let's Talk Safety

Let's Talk Safety

For more than 50 years, Pres-On has provided adhesive solutions that help keep people and facility operations safe. Whether mitigating the risk of slips and falls, or preventing food, beverage, and pharmaceutical tampering. Pres-On is a trusted source for excellent non-slip, long-lasting bonding solutions in all types of environments.



Non-Skid Abrasive
Low profile, high-strength and water resistant ShurStep® Non-Skid Abrasive Tapes provide maximum skid resistance on a wide variety of floor types and surfaces, including the powder-coated paint finishes found on lawnmowers, truck beds, snowmobiles and other commercial products. In a factory or warehouse, it minimizes slipping and ensures sturdy footing on steps, stairs, ramps, loading docks, ladders, around machinery or anywhere slippery conditions exist. Our converting capabilities easily accommodate custom die-cut shapes and radius corners.

  • GP ShurStep – General Purpose (80 Grit or Cleats)
  • HD ShurStep – Heavy Duty (60 Grit or Cleats)

Embossed Vinyl, Ribbed PVC, and Rubber
Matting These extremely wear resistant tapes provide traction and prevent slipping in heavy commercial and industrial applications. Dense composition deadens workplace noise. It cleans easily and stays firmly in place, making it a low-cost, low maintenance solution. Available with acrylic adhesive, these tapes tape also resists oils, chemicals, and grease.

  • EV013 – Embossed Vinyl with Textured Finish
  • R200 – Ribbed PVC
  • T200 – Textured Thermoplastic Rubber

Cap Liners and Seals 
Provide reliable protection against leaks, preserve freshness, authenticate product integrity, and help prevent product contamination and strengthen consumer confidence. Our services also include cap liner extraction and insertion, cap and container evaluations, and custom design.

  • Foam Polystyrene Pressure Seal
  • Foil One-Piece Heat Induction Seal
  • Lift ‘n’ Peel™ Heat Induction Liner*
  • Two-Piece Heat Induction Liner
  • Foam Polyethylene or Polypropylene Cap Liner


***If you do not see one of the above products listed on our Pres-On Products web page, just ask in our comments section for something to be listed!

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