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Product Density and Durometer Shore Hardness

What do we mean when we say soft, low, medium, high, and hard density? Those terms are subjective and vary from industry to industry. This is why it is helpful to use the Density chart and Durometer measure of the Shore Hardness Scale. Below are common materials of Presbond and comparable Shore hardness materials that may be in your everyday life.


Material Product Series Density lbs./cu.ft  Shore Hardness Result Similar Everyday Material
UL 2C2 Neoprene Blend P8100 UL 6 +/-2 Shore 00 30-50 Insole of Shoe 
UL 2C1 Neoprene Blend P8200 6 +/-2
UL 2C3 Neoprene Blend P8300 9 +/-2 Shore 00 50-70 Rubber band
UL 2B3 Neoprene PVC Blend P8600 4.5 +/-1.5 Shore 00 30 Insole of Shoe 
Cork Rubber Blend P10800 33 Shore A 60 Tire Treads
Polyurethane Ester P8500 2
ASTM D1056 1A2 Natural Rubber P8000 26
Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam PF1625 2 Shore 00 51 Insole of Shoe 
Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam PF1606 4 Shore 00 64 Rubber band