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roof curb foam tape

Roof Curb Installation

Pres-Bond Curb Tape Assures Superior Sealing of A/C Units

Contractor-grade tapes seal out water to prevent damage to air-conditioners and other HVAC equipment mounted on roofs

Pres-Bond, the HVAC industry’s leader in adhesive gaskets and tapes, has introduced a line of contractor-grade Curb Tapes specifically designed to seal roof curbs to A/C units, preventing rain, moisture and dust from damaging their increasingly sensitive electronics. Plus, the tape is more flexible than traditional curb tapes so it better conforms to irregular roof surfaces to save contractors valuable time. The tapes are unmatched for securely sealing joints and seams, dampening vibration and noise, and providing energy-saving insulation.
A variety of curb tape thicknesses and widths are available, all featuring a single-side of rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). An acrylic PSA can also be specified. Pres-Bond’s unique “wet” adhesive coating process offers outstanding anchorage, while maintaining long-lasting resistance to temperature extremes, UV degradation and aging.
To assure superior performance, Pres-Bond Curb Tapes are precision manufactured from a blend of closed cell neoprene, EPDM and SBR in a choice of soft, medium or hard densities. The tapes meet most standard specifications for closed cell stock, and pass FM VSS No. 302 for flammability. Versions are also available that meet UL-94 safety requirements.

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