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Presbond Manufacturing Capabilities

We excel at providing customized solutions for a wide-range of major industrial markets. Pres-On has been manufacturing application specific solutions for over 70 years! Our online store front,, has been serving customers of all sizes since March 2019.

Presbond offers 100+ stock rolls and a growing catalog of sheets, pads, and o-rings. If you cannot find something you need, let us know by filling out the short contact form below, and we will create a new listing for you!


foam tape roll

Slitting - most of our in-stock products are slit rolls, we can easily add a special width for you same day. Special lengths can be added but minimums may be higher. 


die cut foam

Die Cutting - we have standard sizes, 1x1 squares, 2x2 squares, 1 inch diameter circles, rectangles and more that can be added for you same day.



CNC Foam Cuts

CNC Precision Die Cutting - Prototyping Made Easy - we have standard sizes or we can load your DXF file into our program to have your exact measurements cut from any material of your choosing. This can be added to a custom draft order for you same day. 


Foam Tape Spool

Spooling - we do offer some very limited in-stock products. If you are looking to buy in excess of 8,000 feet we encourage you to contact our Sales Team at Pres-On.

Need some assistance in choosing the right foam tape, adhesive type, density, or hardness? Check out our buyer's guide answering the question of what foam tape is here. Or send us a message here with what your dimensional specifications are (width and length of roll or part), and what your application is and one of our experienced technical team members will contact you.

Email Address Policy: Filling this form out does not create an account for you, you will  not be added to the marketing list, unless you have signed up to do so. A response to your inquiry will come from an email domain with a subject line Presbond Question. We never have and never will sell our customer information, you are our 2nd greatest asset next to our employees, and we value your privacy.