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  • enero 23, 2023

    What is Foam Tape?

    Foam tapes, gaskets, and foam sealing strips are materials for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential uses. Presbond offers several varieties of thicknesses, adhesives, carriers (liner papers, films), and sizes of foams. Each foam tape product has its own...

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  • diciembre 12, 2022

    2022 Holiday Schedule

    Our Manufacturing and Shipping team have been hard at work all year to service your orders. We have decided to recognize this dedication with additional days off this year. Pres-Bond will still be accepting orders, but shipping will be closed...

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  • octubre 18, 2022

    White Neoprene

    Closed Cell White Neoprene EPDM foam that resists weathering, water, acid, chemicals, UV, alkali, ozone, and oxidation. Now available!
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  • julio 25, 2022

    Return Policy

    Presbond reserves the right to charge or deduct shipping fees from order values, including original ship-to costs paid by Presbond when a customers order qualified for free shipping. Presbond reserves the right to charge a 30% restocking fee on all...

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  • Sticky Board
    julio 22, 2022

    Sticky Board

    Pres-On sells sticky board, also called chip board, needlepoint board, spring board, etc. only to qualified distributors and large volume purchasers. Our minimums start at varying quantities depending on size and the minimum order value is $450. If you are interested...

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  • mayo 26, 2020

    Where Is My Order?

    To view the status of your order that you placed, check your email (also your junk or spam folder), there you should see the order confirmation and the tracking number that was provided. If you did not use an email and...

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  • mayo 19, 2020

    Face Shield Foam Tape Pre-Cuts

    Looking for a 1 in x 1 in x 9 in Foam Strip? You found it.  With the current need for Face Shield Foam, Pres-On Tape and Gasket has been hard at work filling the urgent need to get products...

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  • abril 14, 2020

    Pres-Bond 1" Thick Foam Strips

    Pres-Bond's 1" thick foam tapes have been in high demand for the last several weeks, we are working hard to keep stock and turn shipments in our normal 1-business day commitment still but if you want to check before placing an...

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